ZRH Uber Pickup – Get ZRH Uber Pickup Location

Uber pickup location at Zurich is at the designated location provided by the airport authorities. Follow the signs to the Transport or Taxi area and then follow the instructions in the Uber app about the Uber driver pickup location (or contact your driver through the app.

Continent: Europe
Airport Name: Zurich Airport
Airport Code: ZRH
City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland

How much time do I need to wait at the ZRH Airport Uber Pickup Location

Usually your Uber rider connection to a driver happens in less than a minute. Uber pickup time may vary depending on external factors (such as traffic in the area, rush hours etc’) but normally you will wait no more that a few minutes.

You can track the time and trip of the driver to the Uber Pickup Location at Zurich Airport using the Uber App.

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